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Who are we.

The Investrain ESG Fund is an international investment firm which was established to demonstrate the ability to balance investing returns with social good, by deploying Socially Responsible Investing in ESG (Environmental, Social, Government) classes of companies.

Investing Strategy

Investrain ESG is a fund driven by research and the firm belief that Socially Responsible Investing is not only good business but essential for the future of sustainability. We are a group of partners from all over the world that works together for in-depth research. Our analysts manage the fund to increase exposure to ESG investing and demonstrate its power to generate alpha.

Why ESG Investing?

Market growth is tied closely to the future needs of humankind. At Investrain ESG, we firmly believe that Environmental Factors, Social Responsibility, and good Corporate Governance are foundations of business looking forward. Therefore investing in and empowering ESG businesses through sophisticated research is going to provide for superior investment returns. This will further encourage the growth of this trend among established corporations and institutional investors.

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What we do.

Our foundations were built on the basis of demonstrating the ability to balance investing returns with social good by deploying Socially Responsible Investing in ESG classes of companies.


Our investment strategy is rooted in in-depth analysis. Our team follows a Top-Down research model to refine our approach and adjustments regularly.

Socially Responsible Investing

Our investment strategy will pursue returns while remaining committed to socially responsible investing. The fund focuses only on Environmental, Social, and Governance focused investments and refuses to purchase shares from companies and industries which exhibit institutional malpractice.


Our pursuit of returns remains rooted in strict ethical principles with the goal of presenting a union between ethical investing and profit

Product Strategy

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The objective of the fund is profitability and positive returns on our investors’ funds. We look to achieve alpha (market-beating return) as a result of our superior ESG strategies.

Our Team

Learn more about our global partners in investments, technology and marketing.

Chinmay Varshneya

Founder and Managing Partner

Eshan Shetty

Co-Head of Investment Research

Luc Boesch-Powers

Co-Head of Investment Research

Teja Basireddy

General Partner, Head of Investing Operations

Aarav Makadia

Head of Marketing, Technology Analyst

Sahil Voona

General Partner, Technology Analyst

Neha Basu

General Partner, Investment Operations Coordinator and Investment Research Analyst

Sophie Taylor-Lewis

Investment Research Analyst

Warner MacDonald

Investment Research Analyst

Karen He

Investing Operations Coordinator, Technology Analyst

Aryan Bedi

Marketing Strategist, Investment Research Analyst

Aizaz Bokhari

Investing Operations Coordinator

Dhruv Raval

Marketing Strategist, Investment Research Analyst

Rohit Ramanan

Marketing Strategist, Investing Operations Coordinator

Jack Griffin

Investing Operations Coordinator, Technology Analyst

Aadi Verma

Investment Research Analyst

Pratham Shah

Technology Analyst

Amardeep Atwal

Investment Research Analyst

Shivohum Nar

Investment Research Analyst

Hasnain Ali

Technology Analyst

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